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The Department of Family Medicine at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University has a Division of Research, which is devoted

entirely to the promotion of research scholarshipthroughout the Department through a structured program of clinical research systems support from the Center for Primary Care & Prevention (CPCP) and the Research Steering Committee, research seminars (i.e., CPCP Grand Rounds & Scholarship Promotion Forum), and mentoring of residents and faculty. We welcome and encourage residents to take full advantage of the resources of our Division, and this introduction is intended to provide an overview of our resources and services.  

The mission of the Research Division is: to become a leading research division locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally and to bring balance and synergy to all core departmental functions. We envisage a division with our foundation of excellence grounded in the development of successful research careers through cultivation of scholarship with mentors, learners, and collaborators within and outside the Department of Family Medicine.

As an integral component of the Brown Family Medicine Residency’s Scholarship Development Program, we encourage residents to learn about the research interests of our faculty, which includes but is not limited to the following content areas: The research has six major themes: (1) primary care genetics and pharmacogenetics; (2) multi-method research using both qualitative and quantitative methods regarding illness/health, disease/disability, treatment/prevention; (3) translating research findings into "best practice models" using technology and quality improvement techniques; (4) research into reducing disparities in disease prevention, screening, and outcomes; (5) clinical trials of new or novel therapies; and (6) health service and epidemiologic research regarding cardiovascular disease, maternal child health and geriatrics. Undergraduates, medical students, MPH students and Family Medicine residents have the opportunity to work with faculty on their research projects.


CLICK HERE to see our list of ongoing research projects.

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