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Ongoing Research Studies
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The Executive Research Steering Committee for the FCC and IMC at MHRI would like you (providers) to be aware of ongoing research studies in our clinics and to have enough information about these studies to determine whether or not to recommend as an option for your patients, who may benefit from involvement in innovative research programs. Below is a quick list of ongoing research and links to more information below. Click on the links in the lower list for patient information in the form of printable flyers. Contact information is also provided for patients. All listed studies have been approved by the MHRI Institutional Review Board and are in compliance with HIPAA.

Mental Health
PEPP: Program for Emotional and Physical Pain more info
Postpartum Depression more info
Prenatal Yoga more info
Holistic Approaches to Depression more info
Women's Health:
Map III /EXCEL more info
Cardiovascular Health:
ForestHypertension Study more info
Bone Health:
Knee Osteoarthritis Study more info


Mental Health
PEPP: Program for Emotional and Physical Pain, Open Trial Call: (401) 444-1944
Brief Description: This is an open trial of a free program providing 10 sessions of integrated (at MHRI) behavioral therapy for depression and comorbid chronic low back pain.
What does this study offer my patient?:
Patients will receive thorough mental health assessments. If eligible, patients will also receive 10 sessions of behavioral therapy, and at least one joint meeting, between the patient, the primary care provider, and the behavioral health specialist. The psychotherapy sessions will occur in the FCC and PCPs will receive ongoing feedback regarding the treatment. No cost to patient. All patients will be compensated for assessments.
Who is eligible and who is not?:
Adults, age 18 or over, suffering from depression and low back pain of at least 6 months duration. No psychotic symptoms or severe alcohol or drug use.
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Postpartum Depression Call: (401) 455-6303
Brief Description: This is a small randomized trial funded by the National Institute of Mental Health which is designed to evaluate a family-based treatment for postpartum depression.
What does this study offer my patient?:Participants receive 10-12 sessions of family therapy, either immediatelyor following a16-week waiting period. This treatrment is free of charge. Participantsare compensated $75 for completing their follow-up assessment.
Who is eligible and who is not?: Depressed postpartum women 18 or older who meet SCID diagnostic criteria for MDD; are English speaking; no presence of significant suicide risk or current psychotic symptoms.Back to top
Prenatal Yoga Call: (401) 455-6377

Brief Description: This study offers 8-10 weeks of gentle prenatal yoga classes for depressed pregnant women. Classes are held at Memorial Hospital of RI.
What does this study offer my patient?: 8-10 weks free prenatal yoga classes; payment for assessments
Who is eligible and who is not?: Must be in 2nd trimester; singleton pregnancy; medically acceptable to practice yoga; at least some depressive symptoms. Okay to be on antidepressant medications or in therapy.Back to top

Holistic Approaches to Depression Call: (401) 455-6487

Brief Description: This study offers 10 weeks of EITHER yoga classes or a health education class called “Healthy Living Workshop.”
What does this study offer my patient?: Free classes; payment for assessments
Who is eligible and who is not?: Depressed individuals, currently taking an antidepressant, with a  partial response. NOT eligible if in therapy more than once per month OR clearly has bipolar disorder.Back to top

Women's Health
Map III/EXCELCall: (800) 877-3347
Brief Description: This study offers 7 weeks of medication and yearly mammograms and blood tests for women older than 35 years of age who are at risk of developing breast cancer.
What does this study offer my patient?:
Who is eligible and who is not?: Back to top
Cardiovascular Health
Forest Hypertension Study Call: (800) 877-3347
Brief Description: This study is being done to evaluate the effects of nebivolol, an FDA-approved drug to treat high blood pressure, compared to another already approved drug, hydrochlorothiazide and placebo on blood pressure and blood sugar levels in hypertensive patients. The study lasts 19 weeks and requires 9 visits to the clinic.
What does this study offer my patient?: Subjects will receive compensation for time and travel to the clinic.  All study medications are provided at no cost.  Subjects will receive copies of all lab tests performed.
Who is eligible and who is not?: Men and women over the age of 18 who have high blood pressure, either newly diagnosed or currently treated will be eligible for screening for this study.  Blood tests will be done to determine eligibility regarding borderline diabetes. Back to top
Bone Health
Knee Osteoarthritis Call: (401) 729-2183
Brief Description: This 2 year study provides free study medication and x-rays for men and women 18-80 years old who have been diagnosed with symptomatic knee osteoarthritis. Back to top


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