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Welcome! The Center for International Family Medicine at Brown University (Alpert Medical School)  has a long history of involvement in direct service, education, research, and advocacy around the globe.


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There is irrefutable evidence regarding the importance of primary care in improving the health status of populations and countries, whether in the developing or developed world. Areas and countries with more primary care physicians have better health for their populations, even after controlling for demographic differences. To succeed in reducing the burden of suffering in the world, we must expand our focus to general health and prevention, nutrition, education, and community building.


The Global Health at Home and Abroad Curriculum was developed to insure that our graduates are proficient in the care of immigrants and refugees, travel medicine and understand the impact of language, culture, race, socio-economic status and access on health status and the resultant widening health disparities.  In addition, provider shortages worldwide have led to an increasing need for well trained physicians with the skills to provide direct care and assist in the development of primary care services in resource-poor areas.



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